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Music for Character Dance Class Level 1
Ohio Conservatory of Ballet
This CD contains wonerful melodies that will suit beginning character classes Level ...More »
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Character Dance Class Level 3 - DVD & Music Cd
Ohio Conservatory of Ballet
Inna Stabrova, Vaganova Academy graduate, presents a Level 3 Character class with de ...More »
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Inna Stabrova and Dmitriy Tuboltsev are amazing instructors. It is because of them that I have been able to teach high level ballet classes and coach students for prestigious competitions such as YAGP for many years. Although I don't currently teach ... More »
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Become Certified Today In The Vaganova Ballet Dance Style!

The world-renowned Vaganova Method Syllabus has proven to be the most successful ballet style for over seventy years.  It is recognized in over 31 countries, including (not limited to) Russia, Germany, China, Brazil, France, and the United States.  By becoming certified in the Vaganova Syllabus, companies across the globe are more likely to search out your name for guidance in the flourishing dance method.   The highly acclaimed and professional dancers and teachers, Dmitry Tuboltrev and Inna Stabrova, designed and constructed your program.  Both Dmitry and Inna have dedicated their entire lives to the art of the Vaganova ballet.  For more information on Inna and Dmitry's credentials, read through their bios under the "About" tab!

The syllabus constructed was written and published by Agrippina Vaganova herself!  The syllabus is easy to follow if you start at level one and work your way through the classes.  Each level builds upon the previous, yet is still unique and offers new and more difficult techniques. Use the syllabus for yourself or for your personal classes for a safe and easy to follow instructional program.

The information featured in our video series includes age specific techniques for the youngest of dancers.  Appropriate body structure, including the appropriate age for a young dancer to begin pointe, is highlighted throughout the series.  Our fully accredited and certificated program will allow you to use the Vaganova method for any student's body type or skill level.  Through careful attention to the program, you will be able to learn how to prevent common dancer injuries and mistakes.  This series is the similar to series that are used in many of the acclaimed private ballet schools around the world.

As a dance instructor you will always have your notebook at hand to refer back to and address any essential information you have obtained from our program.  As a certified and credentialed instructor added to your resume, you will have the ability to increase your income potential and dance class expertise to those studios in your local area or larger institutions. If you are a college student with these credentials, you will have a greater opportunity to find employment at higher levels as a Vaganova certified dancer.  By adding the Vaganova certification to your resume you will have proven a deeper understanding and skill level than your fellow students or colleagues.

How do you begin?  Sign up for our exam today and get started.  Unlike most programs offered today, we will provide you with a written syllabus to coincide with our video demonstrations at every age level. 

Beginner Ballet ages 3-7
Advanced Beginner Ballet ages 8-10
Ballet One age 11
Ballet Two age 12
Ballet Three age 13
Ballet Four age 14

At completion of each level you will acquire a certification of completion in the Vaganova Syllabus that you can use to enhance your resume and teaching experience. Both the DVD and exam fees for the level you are participating in must be purchased when you begin each level of our program.

After you receive your program materials by mail, you will have approximately one week- six months to prepare for your presentation exam. Exam dates are flexible and can be scheduled when you are ready through further contact with Inna Stabrova.

To sign up today, submit contact here. In the Questions/Comments box please signify you are interested in participating in the Vaganova Syllabus Certification Program and we will reply to you via email at our soonest convenience! Please also note that we are able to certify you in the reaming four Vaganova levels, as there are 8 levels total. Becoming certified in Level One of character dance for ages 12-14 is also available. Leave a note in the comment box and we will happily send you more information!
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